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Start Date
August 2024
2 years
70,000 Saudi Riyals per year

Program overview

The Master of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing (MSN) program intended for registered nurses wishing to undertake a specialist qualification in Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing. It is designed for students who are seeking advanced practice roles in this field of nursing.

The program also provides opportunities to students to learn issues and topics of particular interest such as psychological and psycho-educational interventions, mental health care for illness management, recovery, and mental health in primary care. It also prepares nurse practitioner to enter workplace with knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to implement the full scope of nursing practice.

The Program Study Plan

  • It is 2 years academic program to get the MSc in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.
  • The MSc in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing has 40 credit hours divided over six semesters.
  • The program’s teaching materials are delivered in the English Language.

Description of the Courses

MSN 111 - Nursing Theory
MSN 112 - Advanced Health Assessment
MSN 113 - Advanced Pathophysiology
MSN 114 – Epidemiology and Biostatistics
MSN 115 – Research Methodology
MSN 211 – Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing I
MSN 212 – Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing I – Practicum
MSN 213 – Psychopharmacology
MSN 214 – Counselling and Family Therapy
MSN 311 – Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing II
MSN 312 – Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing II
MSN 313 – Seminar
MSN 314 – Information Technology & Health Care
MSN 411 - Thesis
MSN 315 - Nursing Education & Leadership

How will you learn?

The program has theoretical and practicum courses. The theory courses are delivered by adopting various of student centred teaching methods such as small group discussion, flipped classroom, team-based learning, and student prepared presentation. In terms of the practicum courses, it relies on bedside teaching and post conferences.

How you will be assessed?

The program implements various assessment methods such as exams, written assignment, reflection, research proposal and research critique. Also, the program evaluates students through oral presentation and clinical portfolio for practicum courses. However, the indirect assessment includes battery of survey related to courses assessment and learning outcomes.

Careers Overview

Graduates are working mainly in psychiatric and mental health fields. In hospital, primary care clinic or substance abuse hospitals. After two years, students will be upgraded to specialty one.

Job Prospects

Mental health nurses assess and talk to patients about their condition and discuss the best way to plan and deliver their care. Mental health nurses build relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns. They are also ensured the correct administration of medication, including injections, and monitor the results of treatment. Mental health nurses provide evidence-based in managing mental illness.

Career Advice

All students are invited and encouraged to constantly meet with career counselors assigned by the Student Career and Alumni Unit (SCAU). Student career counseling is a process that helps students to know and understand their skills, abilities, and interests, and how it relates to the workplace in order to make an appropriate decision concerning their future career path. It is a dynamic and collaborative process between a faculty staff member and student, focused on the student’s needs and goals.