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In my own name and on behalf of the Members and Affiliates of “Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences” (FCMS) I am delighted to welcome you in the newly launched official website of the College.

The Vision 2030 of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently taken wide strides towards upgrading the level of the University Education to achieve the level that strives to equal its parallel in the Developed Countries and beyond. It began the transformation into the knowledge-based and diverse economy, which is the strategic alternative imposed by the reality and the future. The FCMS has also assumed an advanced stand in the field of the University Education in the Kingdom, proceeding from the concept of the quality in the private higher education outcomes, since the FCMS has become one of the beacons of knowledge to the Students in the fields of Medical and Health Sciences. The College is distinguished with elite number of academic and teaching staff who supported the progress thereof; while proceeding in steady steps through the advancement and success route till it becomes a symbol for distinction and leadership in providing academic programs of a quality that fits to the requirements and facts of Saudi labor market and beyond. Moreover, the graduation of high quality students qualified with renewed and revived knowledge and practical skills for the future community which requires individuals characterized by flexibility and ability to continuous self-education and acquirement and employment of the knowledge and the attained skills in both their career and professional life to serve themselves and participate in the country progress and development.

My sons and daughters the students, we pray for Allah to grant you and us all the help, rightness and prosperity for what He loves and for which He is pleased.

Dr. Mazen Soliman Fakeeh