Start Date
August 2024
2 years
70,000 Saudi Riyals per year

Program overview

The Master of Science in Women’s Health Nursing (MSNW) program intended for registered nurses wishing to undertake a specialist qualification in Women’s Health Nursing. It is designed to prepare future leaders in Women’s Health Nursing who provide safe, comprehensive evidence-based care to women during life span in adding to the body of knowledge of Women’s Health Nursing practice through research, scholarly activities, and publications. The master curriculum is a two-year postgraduate degree program. The learning environment is organized to provide appropriate facilities with flexibility in time, place, and style of learning according to international standards.

The Program Study Plan

  • It is 2 years academic program to get the MSc in Women’s Health Nursing.
  • The MSc in Women’s Mental Health Nursing has 42 credit hours divided over six semesters.
  • The program’s teaching materials are delivered in the English Language.

Description of the Courses

MSNW 111 - Advance Research Methods
MSNW 112 - Advanced Pathophysiology of Maternity Health Nursing
MSNW 113 - Advanced Women’s Health care I
MSNW 114 - Advanced Women’s Health Care I Practicum
MSNW 211 - Advanced Women’s Health care II
MSNW 212 - Advanced Women’s Health Care II Practicum
MSNW 213 - Biostatistics
MSNW 214 - Seminar
MSNW 215 - Advanced Pharmacology in Maternity Health Nursing
MSNW 311 - Advanced Women’s Health care II I
MSNW 312 - Advanced Women’s Health Care III Practicum
MSNW 313 - Contemporary Health Issues in Women’s Health
MSNW 314 - Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management
MSNW 315 - Information Technology & Health Care
MSNW 316 - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
MSNW 317 - Infection Control

How will you learn?

The MSc Women’s Health Nursing program aims to adopt student-centered learning approaches by utilizing various interactive learning strategies throughout the program.

The curriculum is delivered through integrated learning methods including, but not limited to the following:

Large-group interactive sessions using:

  • Flipped classroom strategies
  • Interactive lectures
  • Presentations

Small-group interactive sessions using:

  • Flipped classroom strategies
  • Team -based Learning (TBL)

Case-based learning

  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Small group discussions
  • Panel discussions and debates

Self-directed learning (SDL) using:

  • Small-group discussions
  • Peer-assisted learning

Clinically based learning sessions using:

  • Placement in various clinical settings
  • Clinical observation
  • Bedside teaching
  • Clinical Portfolio focusing on:
  1. Patient management
  2. Workplace based assessment

Reflective journal within the framework of Appreciative Inquiry

How will you be assessed?

The MSc Women’s Health Nursing program use variety of assessment methods including direct and indirect assessment as the following:

Written assessments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs; A-type questions with one best answer)
  • Essay type questions.
  • Projects (in each course)

Clinical assessments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Portfolio including case-based discussion, assignments, and students prepared presentation, professional code of conduct.
  • Workplace based assessment.

Indirect assessment includes.

  • Students’ surveys
  • Staff survey at FCMS
  • Nursing graduates Survey at FCMS
  • Students’ interviews

Careers Overview

Upon successful completion of the requirements for the Master of Science in Women’s Health Nursing the Saudi Commission for Health Specialist (SCFHS) will grant the graduates equivalence title of Senior Nurse Specialist and employment opportunity could be at:

  • Maternity Units in hospitals.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecological Wards in hospitals.
  • Maternity Specialized Centers.
  • Universities and Medical Colleges.

Job Prospects

Upon completion of this program, graduates can work as:

  • Nurse leader/manager in maternity Units.
  • Nurse leader/manager in Women’s Health Departments.
  • Lecturer at Universities and Medical Colleges.
  • Researchers

Career Advice

All students are invited and encouraged to constantly meet with career counselors assigned by the Student Career and Alumni Unit (SCAU). Student career counseling is a process that helps students to know and understand their skills, abilities, and interests, and how it relates to the workplace in order to make an appropriate decision concerning their future career path. It is a dynamic and collaborative process between a faculty staff member and student, focused on the student’s needs and goals.