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Research Themes and Strategy

a.   Second Scientific Research Plan “BAHUTH two” 2021-2025

The FCMS developed the second” Scientific Research Plan” (2021-2025) in alignment with the third “Strategic Plan” of FCMS and Vision 2030. This plan is expected to harness the commitment and expertise of faculty staff members to ensure the achievement of its Four Research Directives and Goals. The current research plan provides a focus on the identified research priorities at FCMS.

b.    Research Structure

We organize scientific research in FCMS to boost the collaboration and innovation needed to solve the most insistent health affronts and obstacles confronting our community and globally.

FCMS research beacons and platforms strengthen the connections between our staff and students to catalyze research agendas and external partnerships.

FCMS research beacons aligned closely with the Saudi Arabia National Framework of Scientific Research.

c.     Internal Research Board (IRB)

The FCMS oversees examining and monitoring biomedical research that employs human subjects. The IRB has the power to approve, request modifications be made (to accomplish approval), or condemn research in conformity with FDA and Saudi FDA guidelines.  The rights and welfare of human research subjects are safeguarded in large part by this group review.

The goal of IRB review is to ensure that adequate actions are taken to protect the rights and welfare of those who are participating as research subjects, both in advance and through ongoing assessment.  IRBs assess research procedures and related materials (such as informed consent forms and investigator brochures) in a group setting to ensure that the rights and welfare of research participants are protected.